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Preparing for your group portrait

In preparation for your group photography sessions, I put together some guidelines you might find helpful. You can always call or text me at 847-208-1563 if you have any further questions. I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you.


Wearing solid colors works best. Try to avoid patterns, prints and logos. It’s best if you all establish a similar level of dress (ie. all casual or all formal). 

Additional shots

If you need any additional photographs of individuals or couples from within the group, please text or email me ahead of time so I can ensure we allow the necessary time. 


The home studio address is 1161 N. McKinley in Lake Forest and our driveway is on the north side of the house. It will look like you're parking at 1165 N. McKinley (which is a rental unit attached to our house). Important: Please park on the right side of the driveway (the tenant uses the left side).

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