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Vol 2: Smith's Men's Store

Photographing Trey Gonzalez and the new men's store

On this small business Saturday, I thought it only fitting to share my recent photos and impression of the new local store created by Trey Gonzalez and Kip Helverson. While photographing Trey I learned first hand his pride and knowledge regarding just about every corner and product within the store. We discussed the Candles from one of the oldest (if not the oldest) candlemakers still in business (in France), Smith's Mens's Store private label signature navy blazers and fixtures sourced locally as well as from the basement of the original mens store location — the Lake Forest Book Store. Trey has clearly worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life and the new store looks amazing!

Above: Trey Gonzales, French Candles (top right), Truefitt & Hill products (lower right)

Above: Store interior as seen from just inside the front door

Above: Brands featured include Southern Tide, Barbour, Vineyard Vines and many more.

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